Become a Volunteer

CLAIM is always seeking new volunteers who want to help others in their community. Our certified counselors help people understand their Medicare healthcare benefits and assist them on a one-on-one basis. Volunteer counselors from the heart of the CLAIM program. As a community-based effort, the program is founded on the principle of neighbors helping neighbors.

Currently, over 300 counselors serve the needs of the nearly 1 million Missourians with Medicare.  Our volunteers provide the local links that keep our program running. “Our goal is to give them information and to put a smile on their face,” CLAIM volunteer Don Fues said. “I had one person who gave us their list of meds. Without insurance — they were a cancer patient — their meds for the year would be $80,000. Doing what we could do with the level of income that they had their medications would cost them nothing. I felt good about that.”

Help Others Learn About Medicare

Call 1-800-390-3330 to request a Volunteer Information Packet, or complete apply to become a CLAIM volunteer.

Apply to Become a CLAIM Volunteer

To qualify for this volunteer position, individuals must complete an application, provide three references and sign a conflict of interest and confidentiality statement.

If downloading the PDF, please fax the completed form to 573-817-834

Or, mail it to:
CLAIM Program
4215 Philips Farm Road
Suite 101-B
Columbia, MO 65201

4215 Philips Farm Road
Suite 101-B
Columbia, MO 65201

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