Become a Volunteer

Help Others Learn About Medicare

CLAIM is always seeking new volunteers who want to help others in their community. Our certified counselors help people understand their Medicare healthcare benefits and assist them on a one-on-one basis. Volunteer counselors form the heart of the CLAIM program. As a community-based effort, the program is founded on the principle of neighbors helping neighbors.

Currently, over 300 counselors serve the needs of the nearly 1 million Missourians with Medicare.  Our volunteers provide the local links that keep our program running. “Our goal is to give them information and to put a smile on their face,” CLAIM volunteer Don Fues said. “I had one person who gave us their list of meds. Without insurance — they were a cancer patient — their meds for the year would be $80,000. Doing what we could do with the level of income that they had their medications would cost them nothing. I felt good about that.”

Apply to Become a CLAIM Volunteer

To qualify for a volunteer position, individuals must complete an application, provide three references and sign a conflict of interest and confidentiality statement.

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