CLAIM AmeriCorps Program

CLAIM AmeriCorps Volunteer Program

CLAIM is proud to partner with AmeriCorps, a national volunteer network more than 3 million members strong. Since this partnership began in August 2011, people wanting to support CLAIM through volunteer work have had a choice: become a CLAIM volunteer counselor, or apply to become a CLAIM AmeriCorps counselor.

AmeriCorps counselors with CLAIM serve local communities and reach out to people on Medicare, their families and caregivers. Like other CLAIM counselors, they provide free, unbiased advice to people on Medicare. Unlike CLAIM volunteers, AmeriCorps members can earn an annual stipend of $5,500 and may apply for up to $3,000 in annual scholarships for themselves, their children or grandchildren. AmeriCorps members also participate in outreach, education events, and recruit other volunteers to the CLAIM program.

CLAIM AmeriCorps members must be U.S. citizens 18 years or older. Members will receive Medicare training and participate in monthly teleconferences. Most AmeriCorps members commit to 925 volunteer hours annually – an average of about 18 hours weekly. Half-time and Quarter-time opportunities are available.

What do Counselors Do?

Our certified counselors provide the majority of answers to Missourians with Medicare questions.

When someone asks CLAIM for help, we gather their contact information and try to get a basic understanding of the problem or concern. Then we send this information to a certified CLAIM counselor in their area. The counselor contacts the person by phone and answers their questions or, when necessary, will meet in-person to tackle tougher problems. Our Community Partner organizations provide counselors with a safe, neutral location for one-on-one meetings.

We ask that counselors provide at least six hours of volunteer time each month.

Our staff provides extensive training, beginning with a 3-day Medicare training course to certify our volunteers as Counselors. Following that, this certification is maintained through continuing education and trainings, keeping them up-to-date on the latest Medicare information.

We also look for volunteers who have other talents. Some of our volunteers prefer to specialize in data-entry, or others have past experience working in graphic design or accountancy. We welcome your unique skills to our program!

Apply to Become a CLAIM AmeriCorps Member

To qualify for this volunteer position, individuals must complete an application, provide three references and sign a conflict of interest and confidentiality statement.

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