A toast to the CLAIM champions

Speakers, competition highlight
day-long event in Jefferson City

By Jason Tyler
Marketing Specialist

JEFFERSON CITY -- In the end, it all came down to a little flick of the wrist.

After two rounds of competition at the Truman Building in downtown Jefferson City, the final round of CLAIM’s 2015 Tournament of Champions came down to whether Keri Lemon and Kaye Fair could conjure up the right number with a roll of the dice with a crowd of onlookers gathered around them.

Rolling a two would mean the pair from CLAIM’s Region 3 would hoist the golden trophy and emerge victorious. Any other result would mean forfeiting their turn, and handing the dice – and a shot at the title – to Region 5’s Vicky Callahan and Ramona Teeter.

But, with a casual toss of the dice, Lemon and Fair never gave the Region 5 team the chance and put a final victorious touch on a day of fierce yet friendly competition and comradery. It also provided an opportunity for to recognize the hard work and selfless dedication of CLAIM volunteers across Missouri.

“Medicare is a complicated and often misunderstood program,” Missouri CLAIM director Carol Beahan said. “Each of CLAIM’s volunteers provides needed guidance and education that truly helps Missourians navigate Medicare. Their assistance helps ensure that people within their local communities truly understand and receive the benefits they have earned.”

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